Morgan County Food Handlers

eFoodhandlers® Food Handler training program IS appropriate for use by food handlers and workers in Georgia.

You need to be aware that there may be jurisdictions within Georgia that have their own food handler programs and may not accept eFoodhandlers certificate of completion as evidence you have completed a comprehensive food safety course. Always check with your local Environmental Health organization to make sure you understand what training is appropriate for your specific job.

The comprehensive Basic Food Safety course covers essential topics to understand food safety in most food service establishments. The course is audio-visual and contains numerous videos and activities to make learning easy and fun. Upon completing the course and passing a mandatory exam, you will earn a Certificate of Completion as well as a card for your wallet.

Georgia Policy
The State of Georgia does not require Food Safety training for Managers or Food Workers. Some Counties have adopted their own food safety policy that may preclude use of eFoodhandlers Certification. Contact your local Environmental Health Department for more information.
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